What are your favorite places to shop?

- Forever 21 - H&M - Mystique Boutique - Asos - Urban Outfitters - Brandy Melville - 

What is your favorite movie?

- The Notebook - 

(I really can't think of any other movies right now but if you guys have any I should watch let me know!)

Where do you normally buy new home decor?

- Target - IKea - TJ Maxx - Macy's Backstage - Home Goods -

How did you and Joey meet & how long have you been dating?

- Joey & I have been dating for over two years :)  How we met.. Long story short : My best friend posted a photo of us 3 years ago on twitter using Joey's hashtag "#shotsfromlastnight" & he ended up finding me on instagram (my man is sucha creep right?! :D ) & following me & then commenting on my recent photo at the time saying "Hi" .. & Then one year later we finally met for the first time & starting dating two weeks later ♡ That's our love story :) ! -

What does your blog name mean?

- I wanted my blog name to be personal to me but not be my name, so I decided to use my old childhood home address & tweaked it a tiny bit & that's how I got 42blossoms :) My boyfriend actually helped come up with it.. so thanks babe! - 

What is your go-to highlight?

-Sunbeam from Benefit- 

( I think I wanna try a new highlight for night time that is a little more noticeable so if you have any I should try please message me! )

What are your favorite TV shows of all time?

- One Tree Hill - Grey's Anatomy - Vampire Diaries (before Elena Died lol) - Jessica Jones - Dare Devil - Luke Cage - Stranger Things -  

What TV shows do you watch during the week?

Mondays - Bachelor

Tuesdays - Dance Moms

Thursdays - Greys Anatomy & Project Runway Junior

-When i'm not watching those I am constantly watching anything that is on HGTV & Food Network :) - 

What is my nationality?

- Italian, German, Sicilian, French, Swedish & like 5 others! I'm a mut :) -

What is my skin-care routine for the winter?

- My skin-care routine is in the "Beauty" section of my blog! Go check it out :) -

What is your favorite thing to do on your free time?

- Get my nails done - Paint - Doodle - Go to the gym - Eat - Spend time with my boyfriend, family & friends -

What is my makeup routine?

- Makeup Routine Video coming soon ! -

What are your other social media platforms?

- Twitter : sam_rickey -

- Tumblr : sammyjorickey - 

- We Heart It : sammyjrickey -

What is your 10 year plan? What are your big goals and where do you see yourself?

- In 10 years I would love to own a house with my husband, maybe be pregnant or already have a child of our own.. Have my own brand being successful and doing something that I love and being extremely happy with life !  - 

What is your go-to outfit if you want to look super cute yet still comfy & chill?

Comfy & Chill Day time : Jogger sweat pants or leggings, slight crop top, plaid shirt / sweatshirt wrapped around waist, leather Jacket, converse sneakers

Comfy & Chill Night Time : skinny jeans, basic tee slightly tucked in, leather jacket, booties or heels  

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Instagram pages that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye really make me happy -- so I obviously had to figure out how to do it myself for my own account! Below is a video of the basic way I edit all my photos, but i'll give you guys a quick rundown aswell :)

First editing app - Tadaa

This app allows me to select a specific part of the image that I do not want to edit. This is how I brighten the background of my photos & make them white. brighten & desaturate is key

Second editing app - VSCO  

The filter I use is HB1 & then I mess around with brightness, sharpen, saturation and temperature to get the desired look! I keep all my instagram photos on the VSCO app so that I can make sure they all work well together! In the video, you actually see me finish editing & then notice that the photo was a little too grey so I saturated it a tad more! 

& it's as simple as that lol! 

Hope this helps you guys :) If you have any questions please ask in the contact section! 


Hope you all had an amazing & safe halloween!! I just wanted to show you guys some photos from my halloweeeekeend since some of you have been asking! I ended up having two costumes this year! Costume number one: I dressed up as Princess Leia, my boyfriend, Joey, dressed up as Han Solo and the fluff pup Charlie dressed up as Chewbacca! Costume number 2: Joey dressed up as Dexter (the sociopath killer from the tv show "Dexter") and I dressed up as one of his victims -- which was definitely not the most comfortable costume but still one of my favorites! It was a great weekend but what makes it better, is Christmas music started playing the next day on the radio and in stores!

Hope you all like the images below ♡



I could not be more excited about this post just because halloween is coming up & it gives me an excuse to look back on some old costumes! I love dressing up for halloween and going all out so I decided I am going to show you guys my costumes from the past 4 years! You guys will have to wait and see what my costumes will be this year -- no hints! Oh and another great thing about halloween is that right after we celebrate it, time FLIES and CHRISTMAS COMES SOOO FAST :D !!

BTW -- I am going to try to use this section of my blog for some experiences I would love to look back on and/or some random things that I want to blog about but do not really work with any other section! SOO I hope you guys appreciate this section :)

Hope you guys enjoy the little flash back below and have a very fun & safe halloween! ♡

HALLOWEEN 2015 ♡ -- Skeletons (Obviously)

HALLOWEEN 2014  - Ventriloquist Doll 

HALLOWEEN 2013 - Sad & Happy Clowns

HALLOWEEN 2012 - Zombie School Girl